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the comics magazine that's so dumb, it has to be... stoopid!
©2018 - 2020 STOOPID! Comics Magazine. All characters copyrighted by their respective owner
Inside each and every issue, you'll find a variety of new and reprinted comics & gags from some of the funniest and stoopendous cartoonists out there! Cartoonists that amuse the funnybones and break out the laughs with their amazing cartooning talents. All inside the comics magazine that's so dumb, it has to be STOOPID! And it's only available in print format! That's right, we're chopping down trees and using their recycled paper guts to print up each issue. Just so you can get a chuckle, a giggle, a laugh!
So what are you waiting for? Be smart and buy STOOPID! -
STOOPID Comics Magazine that is!
Here at STOOPID! Comics Magazine, we have a revolving door of cartoonists coming and going. You never know who or what will appear in the pages of STOOPID!
So how do you submit your comics and gags?
Easy! If you have a comic we can reprint and meets our crazy and humorous requirements, let us know! Just follow these simple rules:

1. Is it funny?

2. Will it make someone laugh so much that when they drink their favorite beverage, it will come out of their nose?

3. Is your comic at 300dpi, PDF, TIFF, JPEG or any other file format and just happens to be in black and white? If so, you're already halfway there!

4. Is the comic you're submitting in that fancy technicolor? If so, that's fine. But be warned, we like converting it to - yes.. the amazing color of black and white.

5. Send us your comic? No... first let us know where to find your hilarious comic so we can take a look at it. If we think it's a goofy good fit, we'll let you know.

So send us a an email and let us know where we can see your comics and gags.

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